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Cartoview ArcGIS Feature Server

Cartoview ArcGIS Feature Server implements ArcGIS Geoservices REST API and serves your GIS data stored in geonode as an ESRI ArcGIS featureservice.

The feaature service rendered will enable access to ESRI products such as, ArcGIS desktop and web app templates.


Cartoview ArcGIS Portal

Cartoview ArcGIS Portal allows users to connect to Geonode and request their maps and layers as arcgis portal content.

Cartoview ArcGIS Portal serves webmapIDs compatible with ESRI, so you can access the geonode maps from ESRI web map applications.


ESRI Basic Viewer

Basic Viewer is a configurable application template used to display a web map with a specified set of commonly used tools and options.


ESRI Local Perspective

Local Perspective is a configurable template for highlighting features from a web map based on a user selected location or address. In addition to your data, you can include demographics, lifestyle, live weather information and enable driving direction.


ESRI Public Information

Public Information is a configurable application template used to to showcase social media on a map for disaster response and public information.


ODK Connector

ODK Connector app allows you to create a features service for your survey and make the data available to use with GeoNode.