Enhancing the road safety in Egypt through the reform of road safety planning and operation - Egypt

Client: Ministry of Intrior, Ministry of Health, and General Authority For Roads & Bridges And Land Transport

Providing a complete GIS solution that spans the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health the Ministry of Transportation to manage the collection of all accident related information via hand-held devices and an online GIS system containing a number of web applications for the management and analysis of the Accidents and Roads information, Funded By the European Union.

Enterprise GIS Solution To Provide Web Applications, Geospatial Portal, GIS Systems and Mobile Applications to manage and maintain human resources, work orders, fleet and assets

Client: Citex, Vodafone Egypt.

The project provides GIS Complete Solution to manage the collection of all Mobile towers related information via Mobile devices to manage and maintain installations, deployments of equipment and manage technical teams and projects via online mapping and tracking applications The system assists mobile tower maintenance worker in a number of tasks, like the collection information from mobile towers via handheld devices, managing work orders, maintain a log of all tasks and field jobs.

Ministry of Water and Electricity GIS system - KSA

Client: Ministry of Water and Electricity - KSA

This project aims to build an integrated geographic information system which seeks to develop a comprehensive plan to build a geographic information system for the management of water and sanitation geographical data, according to the latest techniques of information systems and that by completing a conversion of maps of networks of water and sanitation in all from the cities of Dammam and Al Khobar to electronic image with providing metadata and uploaded to a central geographical database. The project aims to expand the circle of users of the system to include the use of mobile and field through all appropriate means of communication with acceptable performance through GIS mobile applications, also the project supports the possibility of quick access to the exact locations and deal with emergencies and obtain detailed information on the ground immediately through emergency build applications and work to raise the efficiency of water services and sanitation through GIS applications and improve the services provided to the subscribers.

National Program For Potable Water Supply And Sanitation In Rwanda

Client: Rwanda Ministry Of Infrastructure

Water Resources Development strategies at Rwanda was set to advance the quality of life and strengthen the economic base of Rwanda communities by retaining and growing existing systems and serving more people.

This web system serves as an integral tool to develop strategies for sustainable development, support decision making and promotes better organizational integration and knowledge to improve maintenance of existing systems and the establishment of new water systems.

Survey Information Management System

Client: STC Saudi Telecom

The STC Planning Survey Information management system is a custom application surveying serving all the regions of Saudi Telcom.The system developed by CartoLogic provides automation of field assets collection through hand held devices and allows the input and management of survey information from browser application. The system is based on hand held devices that are customizable / configurable to collect any type of data and geocode images to the assets. The other component of the system is an on-line system to manage the survey and planning work orders and perform the site planning the online.

Heritage Observation and retrieval under Sand


HORUS is a project funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) within the Data User Element (DUE) Innovator User Partnership. The objective was to define and implement innovative services to help analyze, monitor and control the archaeological heritage of Egypt. The project has been undertaken by Rovsing A/S (Denmark), in cooperation with Geographic Resource Analysis & Science (Denmark), Sogesi SpA (Italy), CULTNAT (Egypt) and CartoLogic (Egypt).

Real Estate Development Interactive 3D

Client: Palm Hills Developments

An interactive, immersive and online 3D application for touch displays.

  • Realistic and interactive presentation of Real Estate Development projects
  • Real Estate Development Multimedia introduction
  • Interactive (touch) map of all projects presented by the developer
  • Real Estate Development overview information
  • Real Estate Development Flythrough presentation
  • Interactive walkthroughs of all or select building units
  • Simulate the real view for each building unit (how the view will look like from each unit)
  • View floor plans and information specific to each building unit
  • Access the reservation system and initiate
  • reservation management functions
  • Integration with SAP

Architectural Heritage Downtown Cairo Application

Client: CULTNAT - Center For Documentation Of Cultural & Natural Heritage

The Architectural Heritage Program emplyes the GIS technologies to document the nineteenth and early twentieth century architectural heritage of Egypt, including extensive photographic documentation.

Nexus Geotagging

Client: Nexus Data Management

A powerful location based application for managing and tracking the life cycle of tasks and work orders assigned to its users through a very strong service api which can be accessed through different client types web, desktop or handhelds, the applicaton gives the administrator the ability to assign roles and permissions for the users, also the application generates different types of reports for tracking the achievements of the application users.