Web Mapping Applications Publshing and Sharing

CartoView is a modern web mapping and GIS application deployment frmawork developed by CartoLogic. Cartoview extends the popular GeoNode Spatial Data Infrastructure with Geospatial Applications. CartoView Applications are deployed from a web market allowing you to keep your applications up to date. Cartoview provides GIS and public users the ability to create, share, and visualize GIS Web Mapping Applications very easily and very quickly from the browser without programming.

All Components of CartoView are baed on OSGEO compliant software and is fully open source, without any license restrictions.

Boundless Geo Enterprise Support

Freedom for your GIS Platform

Boundless empowers organizations to discover greater value in their location data through the only massively scalable enterprise platform via trusted OSGEO commercial supported open source software

CaroLogic is a business partner to Boundlessgeo. We will help scale your GIS business needs backed up by the best available GIS commercial supported open source software